Master List

Here is a master list of all the preferences we have done so far. If you don’t see one here that you would like us to do, please request it! 

Preference 1: Your First Kiss

Preference 2: Thunderstorms

Preference 3: Kiss in the Rain

Preference 4: When You First Meet

Preference 5: His Kisses

Preference 6:  His Nickname For You

Preference 7: Another Boy Is Crushing On You

Preference 8: Cute Moment on WW Flip

Preference 9: He Helps You Study

Preference 10: You Meet His Family

Preference 11: He Meets Your Family

Preference 12: The Boys Tease you

Preference 13: You’re Younger Than Him

Preference 14: You’re Older Than Him

Preference 15: You’re Shorter Than Him

Preference 16: His Favorite Thing About You

Preference 17: Another Boy Walks In On “Sexytime”

Preference 18: You Meet On A Plane

Preference 19: Your “Song”

Preference 20: How You Comfort Him When He’s Upset

Preference 21: He Says Something Hurtful Part 1/Part 2

Preference 22: How You Two Sleep

Preference 23: How He Turns You On

Preference 24: He FInds Out You Text a 1D Member

Preference 25: He Loses/Forgets Your Child In The Mall

Preference 26: How You Turn Him On

Preference 27: Your Kids - Tom/Jay/Nathan/Siva/Max

Preference 28: Something You Like To Do Together

Preference 29: He Visits You In School

Preference 30: There’s A Spider

Preference 31: He Finds Out Your Fear

Preference 32: You Go To A Family Event Together

Preference 33: Christmas

Preference 34: Cute Text Messages

Preference 35: Your Wedding

Preference 36: Halloween

Preference 37: He Learns Something About Your Past Tom/Jay/Nathan/Siva/Max

Preference 38: He Finds You Self-Harm/Used To Self Harm Tom/Jay/Nathan/Siva/Max

Preference 39: What You Wear Of His

Preference 40: What He Loves About Your Personality

Preference 41: What The TWFanmily Thinks Of You

Preference 42: What He Takes On Tour With Him

Preference 43: Voicemails

Preference 44: You Make A Comment About Not Being Pretty

Preference 45: Your/His Pet Dies

Preference 46: The Two Of You Spend The Day Together

Preference 47: While On The Plane..

Preference 48: “Just Close Your Eyes…”

Preference 49: Decisions

Preference 50: “You Make Me Feel…”

Preference 51: A Leaked Photo

Preference 52: His Favorite Picture Of You And Your Best Friend

Preference 53: His Favorite Picture Of You And His Sibling(s)

Preference 54: His Favorite Picture Of Your Pregnancy

Preference 55: “The Truth Is…”

Preference 56: “Beneath Your Beautiful”

Preference 57: You Surprise Him On Tour