can you please do a preference that's "what he thinks during sex"? thanks xxx

I’ll add it to the list! (:


You newborns first Christmas ?

Thanks for your request! I will add it to the list (:

Have I mentioned how sorry I am that I haven’t posted anything? Well I’m terribly sorry. I have early practice this week so I should have a few preferences posted then and hopefully a few today. Again… So sorry. - Max

So for the song lyric preferences, I’ve decided to do two:

1. “I’ll fix your broken heart…” from the song Taking Over Me by Lawson


2. “You make me feel like…” from Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars.

I should get one done today, though.
- Emely

I will be done with this semester in a week and a half, so I hope to post preferences at least every other day. In the mean time, I will be posting either “You pick him up at the airport” or “You surprise him on tour” by tomorrow night!

As always, feel free to request preferences here


Preference #49 - Decisions

I JUST DELETED THE PREFERENCE. And I forgot to save it. Oh. My. God. - Emely

Preference #48 - “Just Close Your Eyes…”

Siva: His big hands rested upon your eyes, just to make sure that you didn’t find a way to peek. You tried persuading him into tell you the marvelous surprise he said he had planned, but he wasn’t giving in. “Just a bit longer, now. Wait a second, darling.” After a few moments of Siva’s shuffling, he stopped and turned to you. “Open your eyes, love.” In the kitchen of your home, a cooked dinner was prepared, welcoming you from your tired day at work. “Seev…” “It’s for you, love, since you’ve been to stressed lately.

Jay: “Trust me, alright?” You nodded, and reluctantly shut your eyes. Jay let out a shaky breath, before soon his lips were set on your yours. You were taken back a bit - it was the first kiss of your month-old relationship, but as the kiss continued, you let loose. Kissing back, Jay smiled, and his hands found your hips. You ran your fingers through the mop of curls on his head and he pulled back with a grin on his face. “You trust me?” “Of course, I do.” And another kiss was shared.

Nathan: “…Rest for a bit.” Nathan swallowed your exhausted figure in his arms, burying his face in your neck and rubbing his hands up and down your back. “You’ve been working too hard on your studies.” He noticed how you’ve changed - instead of accepting his offers to head out, you’d reject them and instead bury yourself in your studying for your finals. And he got a little fed up. “You need to rest. I’ll be right here, love.” His hand continues to work their way up and down your back, soothing you into a restful sleep.

Tom: “I won’t let anything hurt my girl.” Cuddled on the couch, Thomas let you bury yourself into his side, hiding your eyes from the horror movie on the screen. “It’s almost over, babe. Just keep your eyes shut.” It was his idea to watch the film, though he knew you would easily become frightened. “You’re a dick, Tom.” “Why, because I wanted to watch a horror movie?” You sat up to give him a cold stare, but you once again buried yourself because of the scene of the movie. “You’re so cute, love.”

Max: “…and breathe, alright? I know you aren’t a fan of these things.” Max kissed your forehead and grabbed your hand, holding it tightly in his. He opened the door, letting the cold December air hit your faces before stepping out into the frenzy of paparazzi. The flashing lights, the people demanding that one picture of you, and claustrophobia - everything about the situation bothered you. Grasping your hand a little tighter, Max demanded that everyone move back. “She doesn’t like this, alright mates? So back off and give her some room.”

Song: Kiss You Inside Out by Hedley - this is actually my favorite song at the moment so I did a preference around this one - Emely

I am officially ruled the Queen Procrastinator. Because why? Because I am such a slacker, honestly. So um, I have preferences done. And I’ve also noticed that some people have done preferences on song lyrics, so I did one based on a song. I was considering maybe doing one on another song, so I will keep shuffling through my playlists in hopes of finding inspiration. I will make up for my lack of writing by writing nonstop this week - except for Wednesday, because I’m actually going to a concert on Wednesday. So, I AM DETERMINED TO WRITE. 

- Emely

Oh God, I’m having so many George Shelley, Nathan Sykes and Harry Styles feels right now. UK: 3 US: 0… More proof I was born in the wrong country. - Max

Hi! I have submitted my co-owner preference, just letting you know. I hope you like it. Sorry if it came in way too late. I've been a bit busy. Thanks :)

I really like your preference, but I’ll have to talk to the other girls about having you co-own. Hopefully I can get back to you in a few days. - Max

Hi! I'm new in The Wanted fandom and everyone is telling me that Nathan and Jay are gay... Is this true like they are really gay or people just say they are gay like what happens with one direction? I know it's a dumb question but I just have to know l:

Haha, well people have their opinions, but I honestly doubt that they’re anything close to gay. Sure they have their ship name, Jaythan, but it’s just a simple bromance. - Max

Hey guys! I’m so so so so sorry that I haven’t been on, but my iPod broke, my phone got taken away, and my laptop is a piece of poop, plus my practice schedule is changing non-stop, so it’s super hard for me to get on. I’m super busy this entire week, but on Saturday I’m absolutely free except for being a DD for my mum’s Christmas party. Expect some preferences on Saturday! And if I don’t get any done I give you guys permission to absolutely rattle me. I’ve got my stuff planned out so I’ll hopefully have at least two, possibly three. Thanks for being patient with me! - Max

Preference 47: While On The Plane..

Masterlist/Upcoming Preferences

Hey Guys,

I have created a master list of all the preferences that have been written so far, you can find it here. If you don’t see one on the list that you would like one of us to do, please request it.

I also plan on posting some more preferences in the next few days, here are some upcoming ones that I plan on writing: 

-You Pick Him Up From The Airport

-You Surprise Him On Tour

-He Surprises You At A Fashion Show

-What He Does When You’re Sick

-What The Two Of You Do While On The Plane